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The Tropical Coast Business and Community Highlights

Welcome to the Tropical Coast, where business meets community to create a thriving and vibrant region. Here are some of the best things about this area:

1. Rich Cultural History: The Tropical Coast is built on the land of the Gubbi Gubbi people, who have been the Traditional Custodians of this area for thousands of years. The region's culture and history are celebrated through various events and festivals, including the Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival and the Woodford Folk Festival.

2. Great Business Opportunities: The Tropical Coast is a hub for small businesses, providing various services and products from coffee shops and galleries to boutique hotels and technology start-ups. The region's Entrepreneurship Centre offers support and guidance for businesses owners, from startup to success.

3. Sustainable Agriculture: The fertile lands of the Tropical Coast allows for the production of a diverse range of farm products, including fruits, vegetables, and livestock. Many farmers in the region are adopting sustainable farming practices, ensuring the land remains healthy and productive for generations to come.

4. Beautiful Beaches: The Tropical Coast is renowned for its stunning beaches, attracting locals and tourists alike. From Noosa Main Beach to Mooloolaba Beach, there's no shortage of breathtaking coastal destinations.

5. Active Community: The region is home to several volunteer organizations that work tirelessly to support the community, including the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation and the Sunshine Coast Volunteer Centre.

In summary, the Tropical Coast is a region where business and community work together to create a vibrant and welcoming destination. With a rich cultural history, great business opportunities, sustainable agriculture, beautiful beaches, and an active community, it's no wonder this area is a sought-after destination.

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